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Need something to not only tame your beard, but also nourish and soften? OBE Naturals Ultimate Beard Butter is specially designed with organic ingredients that are specifically formulated to moisturize, condition, and groom even the most unruly beard.


  • Does not leave leftover residue feeling.
  • Gives a slight hold, but remains soft to touch
  • Soft fragrance for a nice-smelling beard
  • Leaves beard fuller and healthier


Ultimate Beard Butter

  • Directions: Apply dime size amount of Ultimate Beard Butter to palm of your hand, rub together and apply on wet or damp beard.

    Add more OR less butter if necessary. For best  results, follow the steps twice a day.


    Ingredients: Unrefined Shea butter, raw cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, argan oil, perfumed moisture rich oils.



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