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In our fast paced world, we expect things to happen at the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, our body does not function that way. We still need time to process things, especially the nutrients that are entering our bodies. When we try to speed up the process, it leads to an upsetting toxic imbalance. These toxins become lodged in our cells, soft tissues and muscles, overwhelming the entire immune system. This toxic imbalance also contributes to the growing rate of cancer, Alzheimer's, autism, diabetes, fatigue, obesity, heart disease, allergies, candida and infertility.


According to the Huffington Post, these toxins included mercury, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polybrominated and polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and furans (PBCD/F and PBDD/F), perflorinated chemicals (PFCs), organochlorine pesticides, and many others. Unfortunately, these study results have been largely ignored by the media!! “Chemicals can be absorbed through skin and into the blood stream, causing toxic effects,” according to the Extension Toxicology Network (EXTOXNET). In addition, “Recent studies by dermatologists at the University of California and a multiple university cooperative team confirm that skin absorption is the major route of entry [for chemicals from skin or hair products getting into the womb].” Many experts agree that absorption through the skin is more dangerous than through the mouth.


So now what??? We can change that by putting our natural resources to good use to GO NATURAL! Growing up in a Caribbean household, my family only used all natural ingredients for home remedies. Now that I have revived some of these recipes, I am eager to share my products with the world.

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