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Shea Coconut Butter Inspired by the young, delicate, sweet and a little sassy fragrance, is quite popular among those who desire candy like fragrances. It begins with sugary sweet notes of cotton candy, strawberry, raspberry and orange which fade to reveal sensual mid notes of lily of the valley, and fig leaves. The scent finishes on rich, soft base notes of vanilla, amber, musk, and woods.

Pink Sugar Love

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  • Uses for Body: Great source of vitamin A &E. Significantly improves skin conditions such as blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis. Reduces Inflammation, treats insect bites, sunburn, and frostbite.

    Uses for Hair: Soothes dry itchy scalp or dandruff. Softens and moisturizes damaged and dry hair. Protects hair from heat damage.

    Ingredients: Unrefined shea butter, unrefined coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, perfumed moisture rich oils.

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